Temtem Dev Says Launch Issues Likely Resolved

The Pokemon-like MMO Temtem has been suffering some launch difficulties this week, but developer Crema says it expects they should be resolved now. The studio, which has been notably transparent throughout the rocky launch, said that as of Thursday morning the game had remained stable over the course of a few hours.

In a tweet, the studio said it had remained stable with 27,000 players. It isn’t declaring the problem as solved just yet, though, saying it will “see how today goes.” This follows issues like a stability issue with a hotfix, and one error that appeared to remove players’ Tems. Crema assured players that their Tems were safely stored, even if they weren’t displaying at the moment.

Crema also referred players to the Steam support page for refunds if the stability issues were just too much to take.

Some launch issues are to be expected from a relatively small studio, especially seeing as the game is only in early access. Players who jump on early will save a little money, though, as the price is planned to slowly increase as Crema adds more features before it leaves early access.

Temtem is inspired by Pokemon, with several dozen creatures to collect and train and more due as development continues. It got off to a big start, rising to the top-selling spot on Steam just a few days after it entered early access. It’s still holding the top spot, with a peak concurrent player count of around 30,000 users.

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