Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Borrows Another From Software Design Element

Developer Respawn Entertainment has divulged a bevy of information about the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order following a preview event. Though Jedi Fallen Order’s From Software influences are noticeable, the third-person action-adventure game borrows an interesting element from Bloodborne–the way experience points are lost.

Since Jedi Fallen Order is a character action game not unlike Bayonetta or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Cal Kestis will earn experience points upon defeating various combatants on his journey. And similar to From Software’s Dark Souls series, you will lose the experience points you gather should you fall in battle. However, in a design more like Bloodborne’s, your experience points will attach to the enemy that killed you last.

GameSpot editor Alessandro Fillari spent three hours with Jedi Fallen Order, where he discovered that the game makes a nod to Bloodborne’s Blood Echoes. “If you die, the enemy that struck the killing blow will steal all of Cal’s current experience points, along with a portion of the force and health meters.,” Fillari said. “To erase the penalties, you’ll need to return to the enemy, now glowing gold, and take it out, which will, in turn, recover lost experience points and restore your meters.”

Echoes operate very similarly. The currency you gain from killing enemies and used for purchasing items and upgrading your Bloodborne character, Echoes are lost if you are defeated in battle. Sometimes, Echoes will attach to the enemy that delivered the fatal blow. Other times, Echoes will just sit out in the open. In either situation, Blood Echoes will be permanently lost if you die while trekking back to where you last perished.

Jedi Fallen Order is no different. “But also in familiar Souls fashion, if you die on the way back to that enemy, then you’ll permanently lose that batch of experience points,” Fillari wrote of his experience. “This can sound harsh, but in practice, I felt it was, again, surprisingly forgiving.”

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order lands on PC. PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 15. We’ve thrown together a handy pre-order guide to help you suss through the various bonuses and editions available. There’s plenty more Jedi Fallen Order coverage in the meantime, however, including the lack of fast travel, the option to visit a very dangerous planet, and so much more.

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