Red Dead Redemption 2 plagued with crashes on PC

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched this morning on PC, but not everyone is able to play just yet. Many users are experiencing crashes to desktop. Some who are able to get the game to boot are unable to make it past the loading screen. So far, Rockstar’s social media channels have been silent on these issues.

Two errors seem to be cropping up most frequently. The first has to do with the new Rockstar Games Launcher itself, which was released in September. Upon launching the game, some users are reporting that the launcher throws an error that says it “exited unexpectedly.” The second error appears to crop up once the game launches. Users are reporting that Red Dead Redemption 2 won’t make it past the loading screen. Some get an error that mentions the game “exited unexpectedly” and some don’t. Either way, it’s back to the desktop to try again.

Anecdotally, some users are reporting that they can boot the game by turning off their antivirus software, or excluding certain files related to the game from inspection.

As of the publication of our story, Rockstar’s official support account on Twitter has been silent for about 12 hours. The support website is simlarly silent on these issues. A banner at the top of the website reminds users to update their GPU drivers, but the automated troubleshooting system for Red Dead crashes dead ends at creating a support ticket.

Polygon has reached out to Rockstar for more information.

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