Rainbow Six Siege’s Revamped Optics, Character Options And Accessibility Detailed

It goes without saying that optics are an important part of winning a match in Rainbow Six Siege: after all, you have to see your target to shoot them. The upcoming Y5S3 of Siege will totally change every aspect of how optics work in the game, and Ubisoft has published a new blog post that reveals the details, which are somewhat overwhelming in scope. (No pun intended.)

For one, Y5S3 will introduce four new sights and scopes to Siege, including a Red Dot option, a Holographic option, and 1.5x and 2.0x scopes. Players will be able to select the type of sight as well as its casing (NATO, Russian, etc.) The new season will also completely redistribute what optics are available to each of the game’s many operators, meaning that players will have more options than ever before, which will bring even more depth to the game’s gunplay. The number of new options and permutations of gear is quite large, but if you’re interested, you can download diagrams that explain the new meta in the blog post.

Y5S3 will also introduce a robust set of new accessibility features to the game, including customizable reticle colors and opacity. The studio has also added more sensitivity options so that aiming down sights with different weapons will feel more consistent across the board, though it may require some fiddling.

These changes aren’t the only coming to Siege. Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher was recently announced as a new inclusion to the game in its Shadow Legacy update, and the bomber operator Thatcher will soon receive a nerf to his dreaded EMP grenade.

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