Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Resident Evil 2 Hit Big Sales Figures

Capcom announced its latest financial results, and it turns out both Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Resident Evil 2 are moving big numbers for the company. Calling Iceborne a flagship title, Capcom revealed it has sold 4.5 million units, including the recently launched PC version, as of January 28, 2020.

Monster Hunter World has reached total lifetime sales of 15 million as of January 2. Resident Evil 2 was no slouch, moving 5 million units so far. That game has had much more time to accumulate sales, though, having launched in January 2019. The company stated that Devil May Cry 5 “also performed well,” but didn’t give specific sales figures.

Both games have received positive critical receptions. In fact, Resident Evil 2 was one of GameSpot’s Best Games of 2019. Likewise, the original Monster Hunter World was included in GameSpot’s Best Games of 2018, and the Iceborne expansion played to its strengths.

“This expansion is rife with moments like that; all of the tweaking and the improvements feel like they were done with the excellent building blocks of Monster Hunter World in mind, which means that getting to the meat of the matter is quicker and more satisfying than ever,” Ginny Woo wrote in GameSpot’s Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review. “There’s no more fussing about with new systems or worrying about ruffling the feathers of hardcore fans with a direction change in the series; those teething problems have already come and gone. Iceborne is a confident step into the future of the franchise, and it’s hard not to think about what might come next.”

Capcom is planning another Resident Evil remake with the announcement of Resident Evil 3. That game is coming in April, and promises a revised Nemesis element. For more details check out our pre-order guide.

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