Marvel's Avengers Will See "Changes To Everything" Before Launch

The first footage for Marvel’s Avengers was revealed earlier this year at E3 2019. Square Enix then followed that up at Gamescom this week, sharing a lengthy new gameplay trailer that showed each of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk in action. Yet the character designs for all five heroes is still a hot-button topic.

Some fans have taken to the internet since its reveal to voice their concerns over how Marvel’s finest appear in the game. Crystal Dynamics’ lead creative director, Shaun Escayg, previously said there were “currently no plans to change our character designs,” but it appears Captain America and co. will be receiving some extra polish ahead of next year’s launch.

Speaking to PCGamesN at Gamescom, Avengers editorial director Casey Lynch said that “everything about the game is going to continue to change as we polish, as we approach launch right now. But things that we’ve shown both at E3 and here, it’s all been pre-alpha. There’ll be changes to everything from the characters to a lot of what you see.”

A spokesperson for Square Enix clarified that “by changes, we’re talking about polish. What we’re doing is we are continuing to add detail to their character models, we’re improving the lighting, we’re improving the skin shading. So, what you’re hopefully seeing is the characters continuing to look better as we get closer to launch. But in terms of changing character designs, that’s not currently what we’re looking at.”

The Twitter account, Have We Heard Anything About Marvel’s Avengers, shared a comparison between the Black Widow seen in the E3 footage and the one shown in the leaked San Diego Comic-Con trailer. It’s clear to see improvements have been made, and with Marvel’s Avengers not due to arrive until May 15 2020, there’s still plenty of time for further polish to be coated on our favorite heroes.

In other Avengers news, we discovered new story details at Comic-Con earlier this year, including information on how co-op works, and we also have a full rundown of every superhero confirmed in the game so far.

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