Marvel’s Avengers: Our Reaction to 25 Minutes of Gameplay – E3 2019

Square Enix showed off Marvel’s Avengers on its E3 2019 stage, but the footage only offered a brief glimpse of actual gameplay. IGN attended a behind-closed-doors extended gameplay demo where we got a much better look via 25 minutes of honest-to-goodness Marvel’s Avengers gameplay.

The demo started in the same way as the E3 footage: with an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge during the A-Day celebration. While we weren’t told if this was the opening of the game, we can assume it’s the beginning, or at least early on. It felt very much like a tutorial area as a little time was spent controlling each hero. Gameplay automatically switched from one Avenger to the next as the events of the story dictated. Here’s a description of what it’s like to play as each Avenger.

Thor Gameplay in Marvel’s Avengers

You first take control of Thor, landing on the bridge to start fighting off the armed goons. His combat style is reminiscent of Kratos from God of War on PS4: Thor can bash foes with Mjolnir, throw the hammer to pin enemies down, indulge in some hand-to-hand combat, and then summon the hammer back mid-combo to keep bringing the pain and the lightning.

A brief pause in the action gives Thor time to rescue a civilian trapped under a bus, and as he’s lifting the vehicle he says something to the effect of, “Fear not, because I am mighty.”

At one point some shielded enemies arrive and Thor unleashes a super move in the form of a massive shockwave blast to knock them all down. The cherry on top comes when Thor supercharges himself – just like in Ragnarok – and laid waste to enemies as lightning coursed through his body and struck from the sky.

Thor looks like a true powerhouse with a wide array of abilities that make satisfying use of Mjolnir and his immense strength.

(It’s worth noting that it wasn’t shown whether this version of Thor can fly or not.)

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