Marvel's Avengers On PC Has A High-Res Texture Pack Hidden In The Steam Menus

Marvel’s Avengers has found its way into the hands of players who have early access, and many are now working their way through the campaign. The game is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, but PC players can already get a massively improved visual performance out of the game–as long as they download the high-resolution texture pack, which is tucked away in the game’s Steam properties tab.

As TheGamer notes, to access this resolution pack, which weighs in at 26.7 GB, you’ll need to right-click on the game from your Steam library and select “properties”. From here, navigate to the DLC tab in the top-right, and click the “install” box.

Of course, you’ll need a more powerful PC (and a 4K monitor) to make the most of these textures. Check out the game’s recommended specs, which you’ll need to make the high-resolution pack worthwhile.

TheGamer reports that these textures “make a huge difference,” so if your computer can handle them it’s worth the download. If you’re interested in a new PC to play Avengers check out this deal, which comes with a copy of the game.

GameSpot is currently working on its review of Marvel’s Avengers. The game’s first DLC character has been revealed, and it’s Kate Bishop.

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