Kentucky Route Zero Final Episode Coming This Month After Four-Year Gap

Kentucky Route Zero will finally finish its story later this month. The fifth and final act will release on January 28. On that same date, developer Cardboard Computer will release Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, which compiles all of the acts and interludes into one package for console platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Everything from the TV version will be available through a Season Pass on Steam.

A resolution to the point-and-click adventure game has been a long time coming. Kentucky Route Zero began its episodic release in 2013, and its most recent episode was put out in 2016. Fans have been waiting nearly four years for the story to be resolved, and it’s finally almost here.

Kentucky Route Zero follows a group of odd travelers on a secret highway underneath Kentucky. The series has been lauded for its graceful storytelling and compelling characters. The latest episode, Act IV, received a 9/10 in GameSpot’s review.

“We’re no closer to understanding the meaning behind this journey through Kentucky Route Zero, and it’s hard to say if we’ll even arrive at the point of it all during the game’s fifth and final act,” Justin Clark wrote. “But Act IV proves the journey is everything, and what people take from and give to each other–even in the most desolate, purgatorial version of America imaginable–still matters. It’s heartening thinking about what other players might take away from the stories shared during our motley crew’s time sailing Lake Lethe–and what it might spur them to do in the real world.”

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