GTA Online Cheaters Get Accounts Reset For Money Exploit

Rockstar recently meted out punishment to cheaters who took advantage of a well-known glitch in GTA Online, and as a result, some players are deeply unhappy. The loophole in question is known as the “apartment garage glitch,” and it allowed players to amass in-game fortunes after they purchased properties and navigated through a specific set of menu options.

In late August, Rockstar reset a number of accounts that exploited the glitch. Though not a ban, an account reset means that all players affected not only lose all their money, but also vehicles purchased and levels achieved. Players with reset accounts will need to start from scratch.

In response to the news, players on Twitter have been sharing their grievances and thoughts. Some argued that Rockstar went too far by resetting accounts entirely instead of just wiping bank accounts. Others commented that players who took advantage of the glitch should’ve known a punishment was likely.

Rockstar addressed the account resets on a support page. “Players found to be manipulating and abusing Property trade-ins to gain GTA$ illegitimately have had affected characters reset,” the company stated. “As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a healthy game environment for all players, anyone found to be abusing exploits and cheats to illegitimately gain GTA$ and in-game items may be subject to penalties including cash balance adjustments, character resets, suspensions and up to permanent bans as appropriate.”

GTA Online is in the middle of its Los Santos Summer Special currently. Nine new tracks for GTA Online’s Open Wheel were added as part of San Andreas Prix week.

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