GTA 5 fans are obsessed with watching Franklin get roasted

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a modding wonderland on PC for years now, so you’d think that fans would eventually run out of things to add to the game. At the very least, you might think fans would eventually get bored of trying to reinvent Los Santos. But instead, what’s happened is that the bar for modding has become higher — tinkerers have to work harder to stand out against the sea of existing mods that add nearly every pop culture icon under the sun to the open-world RPG.

Perhaps this is why in late December, footage of a mod that inserts Cell from Dragon Ball Z into GTA 5’s story mode blew up on social media. Many fans marveled that modern GTA 5 mods don’t settle for merely cosmetic changes, and instead also add bespoke voice lines to make scenes work with the new characters.


Since then, there’s been an uptick in videos showcasing mods that reinvent the scene above, where Lamar wrings Franklin for being ugly. For example, here’s YouTube user Daymon’s rendition of the roast, rendered as if it were a scene from Japanese role-playing game Persona 5.


It’s gone beyond TV shows or video games — you can also see movie characters, like Scarface, berate Franklin now.


Or perhaps you’d like to watch a Muppet mop the floor with Franklin?


The examples are nearly endless, which makes sense, as fans consider the scene an iconic one from the game. Technically, folks have been modding this scene for a long time now, but interest in showcasing the roast has exploded once again within the last month. Enough time has passed that fans are starting to bend the meme in surreal and amusing ways, as the mere act of seeing a new face destroy Franklin simply isn’t enough now. We are now at the meta point of this meme.


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One YouTuber, for instance, made 37 Lamars berate Franklin. Why 37? Who knows, but what I can say is that all the Lamars don’t even fit into the scene.


Perhaps you’d enjoy watching an inanimate object talk shit to Franklin instead?


My absolute favorite, however, has to be this roller coaster ride full of Lamars roasting Franklin every step of the way.


Here are some of the best Franklin verbal assaults floating around the internet right now.

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