Gears 5's Jewellery Line Is Very Beautiful And Extremely Limited

Xbox ANZ has announced a new product line around Gears 5, and it might not be what you expect. The company is working with Australian designer Jason Moss on a line of Gears 5-inspired unisex jewellery.

There are two products in the collection, the first of which is a Locust-themed necklace featuring gear and skull pendants attached to a silver chain. The other piece is a ring that features the gear and the skull uniquely interwoven into one item to in essence form the crimson omen that the Gears franchise is known for. Both were forged in fire and cast in cold silver.

You might not know Moss by name, but you may be familiar with his work. Most recently, he created some of the pieces that Harry Styles wore in his Rolling Stone cover shoot.

The Gears of War jewellery is extremely limited, as only 100 of each are being made. Microsoft is giving them away through the Xbox ANZ Facebook; go there to learn how you can win one.

“We know that fans of Gears are loud and proud when it comes to their passion for the franchise, and we wanted to create something that would allow them to showcase their pride every day. With so many complex themes weaving throughout the Gears universe, Jason Moss with his experimental, raw style was the perfect artist to bring this collection to life,” Xbox ANZ boss Tania Chee said in a statement.

The Gears of War jewellery is just the latest unique product from Xbox ANZ. Before this, they released the Xbox body wash (which is currently on sale) and the Xbox Onesie.

Gears 5 launches today, September 6, through the Ultimate Edition and for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Everyone else can start playing on September 10. Gears 5 is available for Xbox One and PC.

GameSpot awarded Gears 5 a 7/10 in our review in progress. We’re currently in the process of testing the multiplayer servers more extensively before handing down a final verdict.

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