Free PS4 Games For PS Plus Members In July 2019 Announced

Alongside the launch of a PSN sale for PlayStation Plus members, Sony has revealed the PlayStation 4 games PS Plus subscribers will be able to download for free in July 2019. As always, these will be available for about a month and will permanently remain a part of your PS4 games library for as long as you have an active PS Plus subscription.

The first game is something for the sports fans out there, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, while the second is Horizon Chase Turbo, which is described on the PlayStation Blog as “a love-letter to the iconic, just-one-more-go racers of the arcade’s golden age.” It harkens back to classics like Out Run and Top Gear.

While Horizon Chase Turbo may not be familiar to you, it’s available at no additional cost if you’re already paying for PlayStation Plus, so worth taking a shot on anyway. PES 2019, on the other hand, will no doubt be familiar to you. The latest entry in Konami’s beloved soccer sim series is also one of its best and earned a 9/10 in our review.

“For as long as EA continues to develop FIFA and hold a monopoly over official licences, PES will be the scrappy underdog just hoping for a surprise upset, even when it’s fielding the likes of London Blue and PV White Red,” said Richard Wakeling. “The lack of licences for top-tier leagues remains a disheartening sticking point, but PES continues to make brilliant strides on the pitch, building on what was already an incredibly satisfying game of football to produce one of the greatest playing football games of all time.

“It might be lacking off the pitch, but put it on the field against the competition and a famous giant killing wouldn’t be all that surprising.” Read our full PES 2019 review for a detailed analysis of the game. This year’s upcoming entry will bear a new naming convention when it releases in September: eFootball PES 2020.

The announcement of July’s titles means time is running out to claim June’s free PlayStation Plus titles, which are Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Sonic Mania. After July 1, these two games will no longer be available to download. PES 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo will be available for free from July 2 until August 5.

July 2019 PlayStation Plus Games For PS4

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (July 2 – August 5)
  • Horizon Chase Turbo (July 2 – August 5)

Konami has announced the next game in the series, which has the odd title of “eFootball PES 2020.” The game is expected to launch on September 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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