Fall Guys Lets You Play As Portal's Chell

Fall Guys received a second Portal themed skin earlier today. Protagonist Chell, with her portal gun and trademark sweatshirt around the waist, is now available in the game’s item shop for 10 crowns.

The costume comes in two parts, each purchasable for five crowns, and is available until Saturday, September 5. It’s a legendary skin, meaning equipping it will work towards the Head Turner trophy.

Fall Guys got a different Portal skin, the P-Body costume, last month and a Team Fortress 2 Scout skin before that. The costumes are all available on both PS4 and PC, although the Scout costume has yet to reappear in the PS4 item shop. Hopefully it’ll return one day.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account recently teased some new level changes for the game, although it’s not clear whether or not Mediatonic’s social media team was joking about ‘Big Yeetus.’ Mediatonic’s brand battle royale also ended recently with a $1 million dollar donation to the UK charity Special Effect.

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