Fall Guys Is Out, But You Might Not Be Able To Play It Yet

Mediatonic’s much-anticipated game show style battle royale Fall Guys has finally hit Steam and PS4. In this massively online party game, you can take on up to 59 other players in a chaotic obstacle course to see who can be the last one standing. Aside from going on sale today for $19.99, PS Plus members can pick it up now as one of their free titles for August. This is great news for anyone looking to hop in after the excitement its two betas produced–though server issues are currently rendering it unplayable for some.

As reported by PC Games Insider, the silly battle royale took Twitch by storm during its beta period, and though a bit of the hype has died down, it’s still in the top 10. According to SullyGnome’s Twitch tracker, Fall Guys currently has over four million hours of watch time on the streaming platform, putting it just below other juggernauts like CS:GO and Minecraft. While all this hype is great for getting the word out, there’s a bit of a drawback to it; since launch, the Mediatonic team has been dealing with pretty hefty server issues as they try to cope with the strain of so many players wanting to get in on the jellybean antics. To remedy this, the team has been turning off matchmaking for thirty minute intervals to “beef up” the servers.

As of this report, the servers are still down, but Mediatonic has said progress is being made, so hopefully things will be a bit more stable later today so we can all get in on the fall, though currently, due to the influx of over one hundred thousand players, account creation on PS4 has been disabled temporarily.

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