Fall Guys Is Officially Coming To Mobile (In China)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was an instant hit even before it officially launched on PC and PS4, so it’s no surprise that a mobile version is being eyed off. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that Fall Guys for mobile has been announced for China before any other market.

As revealed by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, Fall Guys has been licensed by Chinese company Bilibili for the purpose of releasing a mobile version in China.

While searching for “Fall Guys” on Google Play or iOS App Store will bring up plenty of results, none of these are the official game, as pointed out by the official Fall Guys Twitter account. As with most popular releases, there are plenty of scams going around that are claiming to be a mobile version of the hit game.

The Bilibili license is legit, though there aren’t currently any details on timing or a release plan for the mobile port. The Chinese version of the game will be known as Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout according to a Bilibili webpage accessed by Esports Observer, which is now no longer able to be loaded.

Bilibili’s companies have published other popular mobile games for the Chinese market, including Fate/Grand Order. Fall Guys developer Mediatonic confirmed to Esports Observer that a mobile version was in the works, but could provide no details on the port or what markets it would be coming to.

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