Epic's Latest Free Game Is A Gorgeous Norse Adventure

The Epic Games Store’s free games program is really the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does Epic hand out one or two free games every week, but they are usually pretty darn good games, too. On the heels of offering the brilliant platformer Rayman Legends, Epic is giving PC gamers Jotun: Valhalla Edition, a gorgeous hand-drawn action adventure infused with Norse mythology. Jotun is free until December 12 at 10:59 AM ET, and you simply need to have a free Epic account to secure it.

In Jotun, you play as Thora, a Viking who recently died; since she didn’t die in battle, she cannot enter Valhalla. However, the gods give her the opportunity to earn her way into Valhalla by slaying the Jotun, five massive elemental beings. Jotun’s story is split into nine sprawling levels. A handful of the levels culminate in a daunting boss fight where you’re mostly restricted to just Thora’s trusty axe and quick-footed dodges.

Outside of the boss fights, Jotun’s gameplay revolves around exploration and puzzle-solving. Though minor enemies exist, Jotun doesn’t feature non-stop combat. This fact actually works in Jotun’s favor, as it lets you appreciate the haunting atmosphere in the gaps between your next showdown with one of the tough giants.

Originally released on PC in 2015, the PS4/Xbox version earned a great 8/10 in our Jotun review. The Valhalla Edition has an unlockable boss rush mode that pits you against even more trying versions of the Jotun.

Make sure you claim Jotun: Valhalla Edition by December 12 before The Escapists takes over as the next Epic Games Store free game.

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