EA's Newly Released Rocket Arena Discounted To $5, Down From $30

Rocket Arena, a new online shooter published by Electronic Arts, released on July 14. Even though time seems to be jumbled nowadays, just two weeks have passed since its launch. And, well, Rocket Areana is already down to $5, and the Mythic Edition is discounted to $10, making this the fastest and most substantial discount we’ve seen on a new game recently.

Rocket Arena Mythic Edition | $10 ($40)

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Rocket Arena | $5 ($30)

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For the Mythic Edition, the deal is available on the PS4 and Xbox One versions at Best Buy, but you can also get it for $10 on PS4 at Amazon. You can buy digital versions at the PlayStation Store and Origin for the same price. At $40, Rocket Arena probably may not have been worth it, but for this price, it’s certainly more tempting if you’re looking for a new multiplayer game. The Mythic edition comes with a bunch of additional goodies, too, including a variety of character skins and in-game currency. The standard edition is available for $5.09 on PSN and $5 on Origin.

The 3v3 hero shooter arms you with a rocket launcher and asks you to knock your opponents off a map, Super Smash Bros. style. It earned a 6/10 in our Rocket Arena review, with critic Alessandro Barbosa praising the approachable combat and eclectic group of playable characters while lamenting some of the mechanics, the limited number of game modes, and disappointing competitive play.

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