Destiny 2 Update Fixes EDZ Obelisk Bug, But Patch Nerfs Wish-Ender And Telesto

A new patch has hit Destiny 2 to fix a number of the issues that have faced the Season of Dawn since its launch a few weeks ago. The new update, Hotfix, addresses some key troubles that have been plaguing players, like the inability to interact with the EDZ Sundial obelisk.

Patch notes for the hotfix are live on Bungie’s website, which detail a short list of changes to the game that mostly remove bugs and make minor but meaningful adjustments. The EDZ bug is probably the biggest one–previously, Guardians had to repeatedly enter the area that includes the obelisk in an attempt to get the prompt to appear that allowed them to interact with it. The patch also fixes a weekly Gunsmith calibration bounty, which hasn’t been available since the start of the season.

Hotfix also makes some fixes to things that were actually working out in players’ favor. Bungie has reduced the amount of damage the Exotic bow Wish-Ender does with its Broadhead perk. Throughout the Season of Dawn, Wish-Ender has been doing a ton of extra damage, which has made it a go-to weapon for killing primevals in Gambit matches. The hotfix also fixes Telesto, which would dish out additional Special ammo when paired with the Heavy Handed seasonal mod.

Check out the full list of changes and fixes below. You might also want to check out our Corridors of Time guide, following the work of the Destiny 2 community to solve a new secret quest that was added to the game this week.

Hotfix Patch Notes:


  • Fixed an issue where Wish-Ender’s Broadhead perk was dealing more damage than intended
  • Equipping both a Fusion Rifle Scavenger mod and a Linear Fusion Scavenger mod will no longer cause Heavy ammo to be gained from Special ammo boxes
  • Using Telesto with the Heavy Handed obelisk mod will no longer generate unintentional extra Special ammo


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the EDZ Obelisk interact component to despawn


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Sundial reward currency to be issued to players twice


  • Eververse waypoint notification has been disabled
  • The Season 9 Seasonal Starter Bundle will no longer appear as owned for players who bought the Season 8 Seasonal Starter Bundle


  • Gunsmith weekly destination bounty will be re-enabled and properly rotate weekly (instead of daily)
  • Crucible daily bounties will now rotate daily

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