Destiny 2 PSA: You Can Easily Farm Guns And XP From Empyrean Foundation

The Empyrean Foundation community event is now live in Destiny 2, allowing you to donate your seasonal Polarized Fractaline materials at the Tower obelisk in an attempt to help Saint-14 complete his beacon. Datamining suggests this will all lead to the return of the Trials of Osiris next season, but you can use the Empyrean Foundation to make some serious gains right now, if you’re smart about your spending.

First, you’ll need to complete the short quest to get the Empyrean Foundation event going. Head to Saint-14 to pick up the quest, and check out our Empyrean Foundation guide for details on everything you need to do.

Once that’s complete, head back to the Tower obelisk and check out how it’s changed. You’ll now be able to purchase Light-Fused Fractaline to increase the Resonance Power of your other obelisks, and each week, you’ll get Polarized Fracatline from the Tower obelisk equal to its overall Resonance Power. You can donate that Fractaline to Saint-14 at the Tower obelisk, but before you do, make sure to pick up some Timelost Weapon bounties.

As part of the Empyrean Foundation event, every 100 Fracatline you donate to the Tower obelisk gives you 25% completion of a Timelost weapon bounty. That means that if you’re carrying bounties, donating 400 Fracatline will complete them altogether. This is a super-fast way to secure a variety of weapon rolls for guns like Perfect Paradox and Line in the Sand. It’s also a handy way to complete your Season of the Dawn season pass and get all the rewards you want.

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Each of the Timelost Weapon bounties, like all bounties, gives you a spike of experience points for completing it. Since you can just spend a little Polarized Fractaline to complete these quests, you essentially can earn a bunch of XP almost instantly, without any other investment.

You’ll need both Polarized Fractaline and a fair amount of Glimmer to make the farm work, as each Timelost Bounty will cost you 3,000 Glimmer. If you need more, you can purchase some from the Spider on the Tangled Shore. There are also a few more weeks of the Empyrean Foundation at least, so don’t worry if you run out of resources–you’ll have time to collect more.

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