Destiny 2: How To Find Exotic Devil's Ruin Sidearm In Season Of Dawn

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn continues to roll out fresh new content every few weeks. Along with a new Legendary version of the Sundial activity to challenge you for greater rewards, Bungie has added a new Exotic weapon to chase down: the Devil’s Ruin sidearm. Here’s how to get it.

How To Get The Devil’s Ruin Exotic Sidearm

The quest you’re looking for is called “A Moment In Time,” and the reward you get for completing it is Devil’s Ruin. The trouble is, Destiny 2 won’t tell you where to go to get the quest when you log in after the weekly reset on January 7. The gun isn’t waiting you with Banshee-44 like with the “Make Bows, Not War” quest. You’ll have to work for this one.

Luckily, you won’t have to work very hard. To start the “A Moment In Time” quest, head to Mercury and complete a normal version of the Sundial activity. Your performance doesn’t matter; just fight through to the end and claim your rewards. You should see the Devil’s Ruin Exotic frame sitting at the top of the rewards screen when you wrap up the activity, which will be separate from the other Sundial rewards you earn for leveling up the obelisks around the solar system.

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Once you have the quest, head to Saint-14 to start it in earnest. You’ll then need to head to the EDZ to complete a mission that requires you to find 10 collectible objects called Timelost Fragments, hidden throughout the Twilight Gap Crucible map. You won’t have to find them during a match, thankfully, but it can be a bit tough locating each one, as some are cleverly hidden.

Timelost Fragment Locations

Though they’re not located in any tough-to-reach places, you might find yourself struggling for a bit to locate all 10 Timelost Fragments. They look like the broken bodies of destroyed robots–remnants from the famous Battle of Twilight Gap in Destiny lore–and as you find more and more, you’ll trigger dialogue from Saint-14, Osiris, and even Lord Shaxx. Here’s where to look for each of the fragments.

Fragment 1: At The End Of The Line

From where you spawn (on the “A” side of the map if you think of a match of Control in the Crucible), turn right and get on the rusty train track. The fragment is behind the block that ends the track.

Fragment 2: In A Rock’s Shadow

Also on the “A” side, check the rocks near the cliffside. You’ll find a fragment leaning against the rock, obscured slightly by its shadow.

Fragment 3: Outside Of “A”

This fragment is just outside the entranceway to the “A” control point, on the ground level. Stay below the railway line and catwalks, then turn left and face into the structure to spot it.

Fragment 4: Beside “B”

Head down to the rusty section of the structure that juts out over the cliff and includes an elevator–the spot where the “B” control point is situated during a Control map. When you arrive, turn toward the “C” side of the map (opposite where you spawned) and look for the frame just outside the structure, against a box.

Fragment 5: In The Shipping Container

Back in the center of the map, hop up to the upper level. Look for a shipping container you can walk through, which includes a frame hidden inside.

Fragment 6: At The Heavy Ammo Spawn

Jump back down to the ground level and head in toward the structure. You want to be inside at pretty much the center of the area, marked by a fairly large open area with a low ceiling. You’ll recognize this as a place where Heavy ammo spawns during Crucible matches, and you’ll find the fragment on the ground in the middle of the room.

Fragment 7: Under The Gun

Head down toward the “C” side of the map, on the outside of the structure. You’re looking for the big artillery cannon that shoots away from the wall of the city. The fragment is situated right under the barrel.

Fragment 8: Beneath “C”

From the big gun, head back into the structure toward the other side of the map. You’re looking for an orange-lit room with lots of stairs, located near the “C” Control point. From this approach, you should spot the fragment with no difficulty, leaning against the wall near a staircase.

Fragment 9: Between “C” And “A”

Head up to the “C” control point from the orange room, then look through the hallway back toward the far end of the map and the “A” control point. Head through the door to enter another room with a crate in the center of it. Look around the left side of the box to find the fragment leaning against it. This one can be tough to spot because its coloring is very similar to the box, so keep your eyes peeled.

Fragment 10: Near The Outside Stairs

Head back to “C” and walk toward the cliffside that the “B” Control point overlooks. If you’re on the upper level, you’ll exit out onto a rusty balcony with a staircase leading down. Take the stairs and turn right back toward the structure to find the fragment against the concrete wall. If you come at this location from the lower level, you should run right into the fragment.

Claim Your Devil’s Ruin

Once you’ve collected all 10 Timelost Fragments, you’re done–the Devil’s Ruin will unlock automatically and won’t require you to do anything more. Chill out, though, because the best part of this mission is the dialogue between three legendary Guardians: Saint-14, Osiris, and Shaxx. Their conversation is full of lore references and Destiny in-jokes, so you’ll want to pay attention.

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