Destiny 2 Exotic Bastion How To – Corridors Of Time Quest Guide

Destiny 2’s latest exciting gun in the Season of Dawn is the Kinetic fusion rifle Bastion, which the Destiny community unlocked after banding together to solve the massive maze in the Corridors of Time. The puzzle found within the Corridors was enormous and required tons of cooperation from players to decipher, while furthering Destiny 2’s story in some really interesting ways. Though players were initially iffy about Bastion, the rifle seems pretty effective in both PvE and PvP, thanks to its ability to circumvent enemy shields.

Saint-14 has the Bastion Exotic quest for you to grab, which sends you to the Tangled Shore to complete a series of steps. However, there is a prerequisite before he’ll offer the quest; Bungie stated on Twitter that you’ll need to first complete Saint-14’s storyline, which involves the Recovering the Past and An Impossible Task quests. Below you’ll find everything you need to know to get Bastion right now.

Unfortunately, the Corridors of Time disappeared with the January 28 weekly reset. Check out our full Corridors of Time guide for everything you might have missed about it, including some interesting story tidbits it includes. If you’re disappointed to have missed out, Twitch Prime is offering Destiny 2 freebies, including Exotics and other bonuses, so be sure to claim those if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

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If You Want To Solve The Corridors Of Time

You no longer need to solve the Corridors of Time to get the Bastion Exotic quest–you can now pick it up from Saint-14. If you’d prefer the faster route, skip this section. If you do that, though, you’ll miss out on some story opportunities, so read on for the full experience.

First, visit Osiris to get the “Explore the Corridors of Time” quest, then use the panel beside him at the Sundial to access the Corridors. There are a lot of things you can get in there, including lore and a special secret emblem. Check out our complete Corridors of Time guide to see how. You’ll want to grab all that stuff before you do your final run to complete the quest.

When you enter the Corridors, head through the first door to enter a room with five different exits. Each one has a signpost beside it with a symbol. To finish “Explore the Corridors of Time,” you’ll need to go through the doors in a specific order to reach the Timelost Vault. This is the puzzle the Destiny 2 community has been working on for the last week, and all that effort has revealed a 30-symbol code that will lead you through the maze.

Go through the doors in this order to finish the quest:

  1. Clover
  2. Diamond with three plants
  3. Snake
  4. Clover
  5. Plus sign
  6. Plus sign
  7. Interlocking hexagon
  8. Interlocking hexagon
  9. Interlocking hexagon
  10. Plus
  11. Diamond
  12. Plus
  13. Snake
  14. Diamond
  15. Clover
  16. Snake
  17. Plus
  18. Plus
  19. Snake
  20. Snake
  21. Hexagon
  22. Diamond
  23. Clover
  24. Plus
  25. Diamond
  26. Hexagon
  27. Hexagon
  28. Diamond
  29. Plus
  30. Diamond

Once you reach the Vault, access it and listen to Saint-14’s dialog to receive an item called a Chronometric Core. Return to Saint-14 to turn in the core and receive the next step of the quest, “A False Refraction.”

A False Refraction

Next, head to the Tangled Shore. You’ll need to start by killing five Fallen Servitors and Captains to gain Fallen Intel. You should be able to find all five pretty quickly in the Thieves’ Landing area. After that, head to Spider for the next step, called “Memento.”

Backroom Brawl

Speak to Spider and he’ll send you after a Fallen Captain called Aksiniks. You’ll find him in the Thieves’ Landing Lost Sector called The Empty Tank, which is right next to the Spider’s area. Head inside and clear the Lost Sector like usual; you’ll find Aksiniks in the arena near where you’d usually fight the Lost Sector boss.

With Aksiniks down, return to the Spider for the next step in the quest.

A Strong Arm

Now you’re on to the grinding portion of the quest. You’ll need to clear 10 of Spider’s bounties, while also killing 30 Challenging enemies and finishing eight Public Events on the Tangled Shore. Those should go pretty quickly. Both daily Spider bounties and his Wanted bounties work for this step, including those Wanted bounties that take you to other planets.

Rude Awakening

Now that you’ve raised some havoc, Spider will have gained the information you need about your next step. You’re looking for a gravesite hidden in the Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector, which is located in the Tangled Shore’s Four-Horn Gulch area. Head into the Lost Sector and continue until you hit the room with the waterfall, which is filled with Cabal Legionaries and Psions. Clear the room and drop down to the bottom of the waterfall, then turn left and face the wall.

You should see a gassy blue Ether trail leading to the gravesite. Interact with it to get the next step in the quest, but be careful–you’ve just triggered a Scorn ambush.

Altered Chief

With the Altered Chief item in hand, you’re ready to track down the Scorn Chieftain you’ve been hunting this whole time, and the weapon he took from Saint-14. Check the Tangled Shore map in the Director and you should see a new version of the Strike called The Hallowed Lair, marked “The Hallowed Lair, Memento.” That’s your next destination.

You’ll find the Memento version of The Hallowed Lair is pretty much identical to the regular version of the Strike, with one key difference. In the final battle with the Fanatic, look for an Elite Scorn Chieftain enemy named Defiled Reysk, The Waning Light. Kill him and complete the Strike to get the last step in the quest. Return to Saint-14 and claim your Bastion.

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