Destiny 2: Everything You'll Get For Picking Drifter Or Vanguard

Destiny 2’s Jokers Wild content drop expands on the story of the Drifter, the guy who runs the competitive Gambit mode and whose agenda still isn’t yet clear. The Drifter seems like a nice-enough dude, but his methods embrace the Darkness, the evil power players are sworn to fight in order to protect humanity. Drifter is willing to bend the rules to meet his ends, and thanks to his shady nature, other characters in the Guardian-governing Vanguard don’t trust him–and want to expose him.

After spending a bunch of time with the Drifter and participating in his Gambit events, Jokers Wild presents you with a choice: either help the Vanguard spy on him, or side with him and his unorthodox methods. Your choice kicks off a quest line specific to each side, and it has long-term repercussions, including special rewards depending on where your allegiance lies.

Bungie explained exactly what rewards you can expect on its This Week At Bungie blog. Once you choose a side, you’re with them for the long haul, and you’ll get a reward from that side every Tuesday at Destiny 2’s weekly reset through the rest of Season 6.

If you choose the Drifter, you get one of each kind of Gambit Prime Synth each week, plus 100 Infamy points in Gambit. On the Vanguard side, you get 10 Vanguard Tactician tokens, a Boon of the Vanguard item that gives you extra tokens during Strikes, and an Enhancement Core each week. Both sides give a piece of Powerful gear each week–if you pick Drifter, you’ll get a piece of Gambit gear; if you pick Vanguard, you’ll get Powerful Vanguard gear.

Both sides also offer special lore options. Working with the Drifter teaches you more about him, while siding with the Vanguard lets you fill out the lore book called “The Warlock Aunor.”

You’re stuck with your choice when you choose either Drifter or Vanguard, but luckily, it’s possible to make both choices to check out everything. Your allegiance choice only applies to one character, so you can make a separate choice with another one to get both sets of rewards and lore.

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