Destiny 2: Bungie Did Something It Never Has Before To Fix A Major Bug

Destiny 2’s latest patch, Update 2.7.1, created a big problem for Bungie, even as it was meant to squash a bunch of bugs in the Season of Dawn. The patch added a problem that caused players to lose some of their upgrade materials and currencies–which was especially troubling because it removed Bright Dust, a currency players earn in-game to buy premium items from Destiny 2’s microtransaction store, Eververse.

In response, Bungie took down its Destiny 2 servers for most of the day on Tuesday after the patch was released, and rolled back the game to before Update 2.7.1 was implemented. The developer detailed the rollback on its This Week At Bungie blog, where it explained that this is the first time it has ever had to roll the game back to an earlier state.

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“Earlier this week, when we deployed 2.7.1, we discovered an issue causing players to lose various currencies. Our team immediately took action and brought the game down for maintenance while we worked to discover the source of the issue. We did this to minimize any further impact to players. We ended up doing the first-ever character rollback in Destiny’s history to ensure that no one lost any of their hard-earned materials. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by the unexpected maintenance and appreciated everyone’s patience while we worked to get the game back online.”

“Fix the timeline” is, of course, a joke about Destiny 2’s current content season, the Season of Dawn, which is all about using time travel to undo events and save the legendary Guardian Saint-14 from death. The rollback undid the bug and restored everyone’s materials and currencies, and Destiny 2 is functioning normally now. But the rollback means we’ll have to wait for a later patch that fixes some of the issues in 2.7.1, including some exploits for the Wormgod’s Caress and Winter’s Guile Exotics, which Bungie has disabled in the meantime.

The weekly update on Tuesday, February 4 will introduce the Season of Dawn’s next piece of content, the Empyrean Foundation. Data-mining suggests it’ll be the first stage in returning the Trials of Osiris to Destiny for the first time since 2018 (back when a similar version was known as the Trials of the Nine). In the meantime, use our Bastion guide to get Destiny 2’s latest Exotic, and check out our Corridors of Time guide to find out what you missed with the game’s recent puzzle–which required a big swathe of the community to solved and might have changed how Destiny 2 tells its story.

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