Destiny 2 A Moment In Time Exotic Quest Guide: Where To Start

New content continues to roll out in Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn. The latest weekly reset sees the addition of a legendary version of the Sundial activity to challenge you for greater rewards, for a start. The Dawning holiday event continues for another week, so you’ll want to check the Dawning recipes to get the most out of baking treats. Finally, the Season of Dawn has added its next Exotic weapon, complete with a quest for you to complete to earn it.

The quest you’re looking for is called “A Moment In Time,” and the reward you get for completing it is a special Exotic sidearm called Devil’s Run. The trouble is, Destiny 2 won’t tell you where to go to get the quest when you log in after the weekly reset on January 7. The gun isn’t waiting you with Banshee-44 like with the “Make Bows, Not War” quest. You’ll have to work for this one.

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Luckily, you won’t have to work very hard. To start the “A Moment In Time” quest, head to Mercury and complete a normal version of the Sundial activity. Your performance doesn’t matter; just fight through to the end and claim your rewards. You should see the Devil’s Run Exotic frame sitting at the top of the rewards screen when you wrap up the activity, which will be separate from the other Sundial rewards you earn for leveling up the obelisks around the solar system.

Once you have the quest, head to Saint-14 to start it in earnest. You’ll then need to head to the EDZ to complete a mission.

Stay tuned as we update this guide out with all the steps in the “A Moment In Time” quest and how to complete them as quickly as possible.

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