Death Stranding Update Lets You Disable Irritating Feature

Update version 1.10 is now live for Death Stranding on PlayStation 4. The latest patch adds some vague performance improvements and finally lets you disable one of the game’s most irritating features.

If you hop into the game settings on Death Stranding’s title screen, you’ll now find a new toggle for the BT Encounter Warning. This warning would previously happen every time you encountered a BT-infested area, forcing you to watch an unskippable cutscene of Sam Bridges’ Odradek springing into action. The new toggle lets you choose whether this extended warning continues to appear each time you encounter BTs, or if it only occurs the first time you come face-to-face with the game’s spectral enemies.

It’s a welcome quality-of-life addition, particularly for those travelling via roads where BTs aren’t usually a threat. Watching your vehicle come to a screeching halt just to watch a cutscene playout for the umpteenth time was beyond frustrating.

Death Stranding is currently available only on PS4, but a PC release is scheduled to appear in Summer 2020.

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