Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Hate The Season 5 Juggernaut

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 5 update made the incredibly powerful Juggernaut suit a bigger part of the game’s regular battle royale modes. The suit, which gives its wearer additional armor, abilities, and a minigun, is no longer restricted to a separate limited-time mode.

“This is such a bad change, no one asked for it or wanted it,” said a Warzone player on Reddit. “Leave this to the limited-time modes. Please don’t add stupidly overpowered things like this into the standard modes.”

The juggernaut suit was first introduced as part of a limited-time mode where players fought over a single suit. It was similar to other modes in that 150 players jumped into Verdansk to fight over one of these powerful suits. They would land as part of a care package, just like regular loadouts would drop at different points throughout the game, somewhere on the map. The team that got one of the suits first became a huge threat to everyone else nearby.

“What were they even thinking?” said another player who had just died from a game that ended with multiple Juggernaut suit-wielding players in the circle. “I don’t agree with juggernauts being in the main mode but IF they had to be, shouldn’t it just be 1 suit for the game?”

Juggernauts are so powerful–and often the reasons that Warzone has great Resident Evil-esque moments–that one can take on an entire team at close range by itself. This has happened in the genre before: Fortnite’s mech suits (a giant robotic suit that can shoot rockets) gave the wearers an incredible advantage in that battle royale last year.

Warzone’s new Season 5 update brought a lot of big changes to Verdansk. A loot train is now making its way around the map, players can now pick up and throw explosive gas canisters, and the stadium is finally open to enter. There are even secret codes coming out of keypads within the stadium.

The new implementation of Juggernauts, which work similarly to the Fire Sale and Jailbreak events that came to Warzone earlier, is one small part of the update. It’s something that some players desperately wanted changed hours after the update came out.

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