Call Of Duty Cheater Gets Banned On Twitch For Giving Himself Away While Bragging

As the saying goes, cheaters never prosper, and that appears to be the case for at least one Call of Duty player streaming on Twitch. During a recent broadcast on Twitch, a streamer accidentally revealed himself to be a cheater in CoD’s battle royale mode. This caught the attention of Twitch itself, which banned him from the service. Justice has been served, at least in this instance.

While bragging about how good he was at Call of Duty: Warzone recently, streamer MrGolds had his screen showing a Windows task manager. However, underneath that window was the cheating program EngineOwning, something that didn’t go unnoticed by viweres. (It’s certainly bold to be that careless while bragging about how good you are.) The clip was shared online through tweets like the one below, which called for his stream to be reported to Twitch. His Twitch account is no longer available, apparently having been banned by the streaming service. It’s unclear if or when he’ll be back.

EngineOwning advertises itself as an “undetected” cheat system for big-name shooters. That might be true for the game software itself, but eagle-eyed viewers weren’t going to let him get away with it. The program has several settings related to “aimbot” tools, making it rather funny that he was bragging about his gunplay in the clip at the time his cheating was discovered.

Cross-play with other platforms in CoD: Modern Warfare has expanded the pool of players’ experiences who can be disrupted by cheaters on PC, so any steps that CoD’s developers can take to curb cheating is arguably more important than ever. A recent legal action saw another CoD cheats site remove its Call of Duty offerings.

Just earlier this month, Infinity Ward stressed that it would be rolling out more bans for accounts that were using third-party software, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if more players using these sorts of tools are also banned from the game itself. With Warzone also placing cheaters together in their own exclusive lobbies before, perhaps MrGolds can get a taste of his own medicine, too.

With any luck, these policies and systems will carry over to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It’s set to release in November and will bring back Zombies mode along with new content for Warzone and a brand-new multiplayer mode.

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