Bungie Disables Destiny 2 Emote After An Exploit Totally Ruins PvE

Destiny 2 is such a huge game that sometimes, elements of it will interact in strange and unexpected ways. The latest weird glitch to pop up in the game briefly allowed players to break PvE encounters with a strange method: the judicious use of specific emotes. But Bungie has already disabled one emote to combat it.

The emote in question is called Coin Flip, and players discovered that activating the emote along with any other that includes holograms–like chairs Guardians can sit on–messes up the ability of enemies to detect players. You needed to use the emotes in the loading areas ahead of the spots that enemies populate, and executed correctly, the exploit made it possible to kill everything in an area with enemies never reacting to your presence. The exploit also apparently worked just about anywhere in the game, breaking basically everything.

In response, Bungie has disabled the Coin Flip emote, which it tweeted about on Friday.

It’s not clear yet when the Coin Flip emote might be fixed–so unfortunately, you can’t taunt people liked the Drifter for the time being.

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