Battlefield 5's Free Into The Jungle Update Adds A Killer Crocodile, See It Here

Battlefield 5’s big new update, Into the Jungle, has arrived–a bit ahead of schedule. The free expansion’s biggest and most notable addition is the huge new map, Solomon Islands. It’s now been discovered that this map contains a deadly surprise–a crocodile lurking in the water.

A new video from Battlefield content creator Westie shows off this crocodile–and as you might have guessed, it bites! This croc will probably kill you if you don’t swim away fast enough, as it appears to do 35 damage when it bites.

The crocodile isn’t the first underwater animal threat in Battlefield 5, as the game also features sharks in some of its waters. Previous games featured even bigger creatures, including a Megalodon easter egg.

The Solomon Islands map isn’t the only part of Into the Jungle that went live early. The M2 Carbine rifle and the Model 37 shotgun also dropped in ahead of schedule. Instead of removing them, DICE has decided to not only keep them in the game but make them instantly unlocked for all players. They will become default weapons, so you will find them in your loadout menu the next time you log in.

Also now available in Battlefield V are two new gadgets–the M1A1 Bazooka and the Lunge Mine–and a new Elite character, Misaki Yamashiro. For more, check out the full patch notes on EA’s website.

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