Battlefield 5 Adding A Much-Requested Feature In Free Update

Battlefield V continues to grow, as DICE is releasing a major new update–Chapter 6–early next week. The free expansion for PS4, Xbox One, and PC includes more Pacific Theatre weapons and gear, as well as a new jungle map. That’s not all that will be in the Chapter 6 update, however, as DICE has confirmed that the expansion will also include a much-requested feature: tank customization.

Starting with the 6.2 update that is coming sometime after launch, DICE will unleash customization options so you can deck out your tank to make it unique to you. Tank customization was promised even before launch in 2018, so it’s been a long time coming.

Battlefield’s community manager said on Twitter, “During Chapter 6, we’ll make good on a promise. Thanks for keeping us honest!”

The work-in-progress video embedded below shows a tank customized with the words “coming soon” on it, and an American flag draped across the back.

For lots more on the Battlefield V Chapter 6 Into the Jungle update, check out GameSpot’s breakdown of everything coming to the game.

In addition to ongoing support for Battlefield V, DICE is currently working on a brand-new Battlefield game for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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