Apex Legends Season 5's First Hunt Is Live–Unlocks More Story Details

The first Hunt for Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune Favor is now live. Called The First Piece, the Hunt can only be accessed if you have five treasure packs or party up with someone who does. However, you’ll need the five packs in order to get the rewards for completing the Hunt–no exceptions.

The First Piece is a relatively short and simple PvE mission. You shouldn’t have much trouble completing it solo, though you will have a much easier time with allies. You can access it via the Quests tab in the Season Hub. Taking place on Kings Canyon After Dark, The First Piece will see you complete a simple fetch quest in Artillery.

You’ll go up against prowlers and what we’re going to affectionately nickname nightmare prowlers. The former are what you face in certain campaign missions in Titanfall 2 and Bloodhound’s Trials on Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map. However, we’ve never seen nightmare prowlers prior to The First Piece. They’re prowlers that seem to be corrupted by Revenant’s Death Totem, so they die quickly but they respawn just as quickly and can easily swarm you.

If you venture off the beaten path, you can find an assortment of different weapons, armor, and attachments–including gold ones in the deathboxes held by flyers. However, following the waypoints will see you run into bins that contain a Mastiff as well as attachments for the P2020 and Mozambique that you start out with. You’ll probably want to pick up the blue body shield too. With a Mastiff in hand and a blue body shield, you should be able to withstand the brief wave-based PvE encounter you’ll hit two-thirds of the way through The First Piece.

The First Piece does not allow you to play as either Loba or Revenant, but you can pick anyone else. Ideally, stay away from Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Bangalore, Crypto, and Mirage–none of their abilities will be much help to you. Lifeline, Caustic, and Wattson will make it easier to withstand the waves of prowlers that attack you when you have to defend a position, and Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith are all good picks for the final part of The First Piece, which sees you escaping a horde of nightmare prowlers as a timer ticks down to when your dropship will leave.

Completing The First Piece nets you an epic weapon charm, one of the nine pieces of a mysterious artifact that Loba wants the legends to help her build, and the first text-based chapter in Season 5’s The Broken Ghost questline–which is hilarious and absolutely worth reading.

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