Apex Legends Season 5 Gameplay Trailer Coming Today–Watch Here

Eager to see what changes are coming to Apex Legends in Season 5: Fortune’s Favor? Well, Respawn is scheduled to release a gameplay trailer for the upcoming season today, May 8, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. You’ll be able to watch it below, and you’ll be able to play the content the trailer teases in just a few days. Make sure your squad is ready to jump back into battle royale.

If tradition holds, the trailer will be used to showcase any map changes (like the destruction of Skull Town), new legend abilities (in this case, Loba), modes (Quests), and new cosmetic items. The only new addition that the trailer is unlikely to show is battle pass rewards, which are typically revealed on the launch day of a new season–which, for Season 5, is May 12.


We’ll probably get the Season 5 patch notes alongside the battle pass trailer, which could reveal new buffs or nerfs for existing legends and weapons–Respawn has traditionally reserved the start of new seasons to address balancing changes. Given the falling utility of Mirage and Octane over the past couple of seasons, it would be nice to see at least one of the two get a much-needed buff.

Though the Season 5: Fortune’s Favor gameplay trailer is likely to showcase Loba’s abilities (seeing as all previous season gameplay trailers have done so for their respective new legends), Respawn may not confirm exactly what they are until closer to the start of Season 5. Usually the gameplay trailers showcase a new character’s abilities in action and then a follow-up blog post explains how they actually work.

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