After Talking About New IP, Gears Of War Designer Cliff Bleszinski Is Starting A Twitch Channel

Game developer Cliff Bleszinski, who designed and directed the original Gears of War trilogy, is keeping busy in his post-Epic life. His latest project is a little different, however.

Bleszinski said on Twitter that he’s seriously thinking about starting a Twitch channel. He was inspired to start streaming due to the “cabin fever” he’s feeling during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Bleszinski added that he’s starting to feel comfortable again on camera thanks to all the Zoom calls he’s been on lately.

Bleszinski launching a Twitch channel of his own comes at an interesting time, given that he just recently announced he has begun work on a new IP involving dogs. An outspoken and opinionated individual known for decades of experience in games and his hot takes on various gaming industry topics, Bleszinski would certainly have a lot to offer viewers on Twitch.

When Bleszinski left Epic in 2012, he said he was stepping away from video games, but he went on to start the independent studio Boss Key Productions in 2014. That studio produced Lawbreakers and, facing financial difficulties, jumped into the battle royale market with Radical Heights just before ultimately closing in 2018.

Since then, Bleszinski co-produced the acclaimed Broadway musical Hadestown and has said he’s working on a memoir of his time in the games industry. He’s also offered to consult on the Gears franchise.

The Gears franchise is now being managed by The Coalition, a new studio Microsoft established as caretakers of the series. It most recently released Gears Tactics, a tactical spin-off in the vein of the XCOM series. For more, check out GameSpot’s Gears Tactics review.

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