A New Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon Quest Kicks Off Next Week

Destiny 2’s Halloween event, the Festival of the Lost, is on its way with the weekly reset on Tuesday, October 29. But that’s not the only new content hitting the game next week. Season pass holders will also get access to a new dungeon as part of the Shadowkeep expansion, as well as a new Exotic weapon quest–this one to earn Xenophage.

Bungie gave a few new details about the upcoming content bits in its This Week at Bungie blog post. It includes a look at the Exotic machine gun, but very little in the way of information about what the quest will entail or how you can start it. We do know that it’s exclusive to Shadowkeep owners (sorry, Guardians who joined with the free-to-play New Light version of Destiny 2) and that it contains an insect as part of its design. Bungie also teased that you might have some options in how you earn the new gun.

“Where will your path take you first? There will be many options for you to consider, depending on how you like to play the most,” Bungie wrote in the post.

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Apart from Xenophage, October 29 will also see the addition of Shadowkeep’s new dungeon. If it’s anything like the Shattered Throne dungeon of the Forsaken expansion, it’ll be a challenging three-player activity akin to what we might expect from Destiny 2’s raids. Apparently, access to the new area will require speaking with Eris Morn on Tuesday.

Changes are also coming to the Crucible with a new 6-on-6 mode called Momentum Control, which will be part of the featured playlist. “This is a fast-paced, hair-on-fire experience where the lethality of all weapons has been cranked to 11,” the blog post explains. “You’re incentivized to be aggressive as you defeat other Guardians to earn charged melees, grenades, and Supers.”

Here are all the changes Momentum Transfer will include:

  • Instant Respawn Times
    • Out of the fight? No problem; drop right back in immediately
  • Weapon Damage Increased
    • Higher combat lethality
    • Everything in your arsenal is a contender
    • Ability Regen Requires Effort
      • Defeat enemy players to charge your melee, grenade, and Super
      • No Tracker
        • Sneak around your enemies for some sweet flanks
        • Amped Control
          • Zones capture faster and grant more bonus points per kill
          • Super Charged Supers
            • Increased damage resist in Super means you become the 1,000-pound gorilla
            • Be careful, because Heavy weapons will put you down quickly
            • The Heaviest of Ammo
              • Increased Heavy ammo respawn rates and drop amounts
              • That’s just about everything detailed on Destiny 2’s content calendar for the first month and change of Shadowkeep, and we’ll have guides for the Festival of the Lost’s Haunted Forest activity, the Xenophage Exotic quest, and the new dungeon shortly after they launch. There are a few more things to expect, however–the Garden of Salvation raid gets its first challenge on November 5, and the next phase of the Vex Offensive seasonal event, Final Assault, on November 19. That’s quite a bit to keep players busy through mid-November.

                It’s worth noting that the Festival of the Lost event is free to all players, but the dungeon, Xenophage, and Vex Offensive require the Shadowkeep expansion and its included season pass for the Season of the Undying.

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