Warframe's Deadlock Protocol Brings The Corpus Faction To PC Next Week

Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol update drops this week for PC players, reimagining one of the game’s most enduring factions. Deadlock Protocol will re-imagine beloved environments, enhance existing boss fights, and also introduce a new Warframe–Protea.

This update to the seven-year game is free regardless of which platform you own Warframe on, though it will arrive on PC first this week before being gradually rolled out to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The update’s focus is the Corpus Faction’s thirst for power and influence, as well as the decisions that brought them to notoriety in the first place.

As per the trailer above, the Deadlock Protocol represents the most substantial technological advancement since the game’s release, and it means that even existing content will see the benefits. There are also additions like a new form of currency–Granum Crowns–aiming to give players even more control over how they wish to play, along with the option to teleport to a Corpus netherrealm.

If you’re someone who absolutely can’t get enough of a high-mobility playstyle, then you’ll also be pleased to note that Deadlock Protocol has answered your prayers; “nearly every wall, corridor, and room supports intense parkour mobility,” according to a press release from Digital Extremes.

On top of that, Protea looks to take her place as the 43rd Warframe, boasting a backstory as the former Corpus head bodyguard that will introduce new armor sets and weapons throughout the course of the upgrade. Promea’s abilities make the most of her tactician’s mind, allowing her to deploy a variety of mechanical assets to the battlefield and to even rewind time.

This isn’t the first time that Warframe has revisited its legacy content and updated it over the years, with Chains of Harrow and The Jovian Concord being prime examples of older material being revitalized for the community. With Deadlock Protocol due to drop this week, the sheer volume of content in the update should hopefully keep Tennos on their toes between now and it rolling out to other platforms.

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