Three New Pokemon Revealed For Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield are getting brand-new Pokemon post-release. During today’s Pokemon Direct, three new creatures were revealed: Kubfu, Urshifu, and Calyrex. The first two will arrive with Isle of Armor expansion coming in June, while Calyrex is coming with The Crown Tundra in Fall 2020. The two DLC packs comprise the contents of the newly announced Sword and Shield expansion pass.

Kubfu and Urshifu are classified as the Wushu Pokemon. Kubfu is a pure Fighting-type with the ability Inner Focus, and according to lore, it used to live in Galar before moving to the mountainous areas of the Isle of Armor. After undergoing “sufficient training,” Kubfu evolves into one of two forms of Urshifu: Single Strike Style or Rapid Strike Style. Single Strike Urshifu is a Fighting- and Dark-type and favors brute force, while Rapid Strike Urshifu is Fighting- and Water-type and attacks more calmly. Both have the ability Unseen Fist, which is new to Pokemon. Each form of Urshifu also has a respective Gigantamax form.

The Crown Tundra expansion, meanwhile, will add Calyrex, the King Pokemon. It’s a Psychic- and Grass-type Legendary Pokemon that “ruled all of Galar in ancient times.” According to lore, “it’s said to see every past, present, and future event.” It has the ability Unnerve.

New Pokemon aren’t the only thing coming in Sword and Shield’s expansions, however; there are also old, returning Pokemon coming, among other things. Catch up on all the announcements below.

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