The Pokemon Trading Card Game Says Goodbye To Fairy Types

The Pokemon Company has outlined a few changes coming to its trading card game with the introduction of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Among these changes–which include alterations to attributes, stats, and more–is the removal of the Fairy Pokemon type, which is said to go into effect on February 21.

The company announced that “the Fairy-type, which was introduced in the [Pokemon X and Y] series, will no longer be supported in the Sword and Shield series.” As such, all Fairy types seen in the Pokemon games will be “generally” represented as Psychic-type in the trading card game. Further, Poison-types are now Darkness-types instead of Psychic-types.

Other alterations to the trading card game come in the form of resistances and weaknesses. Pokemon from the Sword and Shield series will have a resistance of -30 instead of -20. Weaknesses remain uncharged but matchups have shifted a little. These include Water-types being weak against Lightning instead of Grass, Psychic-types losing to Darkness instead of Psychic, and Darkness-types being weak against Grass instead of Fighting. The Pokemon Company said these changes are meant to “maintain a balance among types.”

Also starting on February 21, the same day the Sword and Shield cards become legal for tournament play, is a minor adjustment to the first turn. In addition to preventing the player who goes first from attacking on the first turn, a rule introduced during the X and Y series, the player who goes first will now be unable to play a Supporter card on the first turn. The Pokemon Company said these changes should “make it less advantage[ous] to go first” and hopes they “result in interesting choices in both gameplay and deck building.”

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