Someone modded Digimon into Pokémon Sword and Shield, because why not

Back in my playground days, kids were either Pokémon nerds or Digimon nerds. But as a famous GIF sage once asked, why not both?

Something like that is possible thanks to the power of mods. Over at Game Banana, tinkerer Hollow has uploaded an Agumon skin that replaces the entire Charmander family in Pokémon Sword and Shield. So, you get Agumon, Greymon, MetalGreymon and WarGreymon instead of the usual fire-breathing lizards.

The whole thing is cosmetic — Agumon appears to retain the same animations as Charmander, and the game still calls the Digimon by their original names. Even so, the mod works really well, in part because both the Digimon and Pokémon in this case look fairly similar to begin with. It also helps that the Digimon skin has a similar soft, pastel-like look that accompanies modern Pokémon.

Granted, you can’t pull this off unless you have a modded Switch, but it’s still cool to see in action.

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