See the Neat Giant Charizard and Mewtwo Detective Pikachu Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon Company International released a new line of Detective Pikachu-themed Pokemon Trading Cards on April 5, and with it, four different “Case Files” featuring Charizard GX, Greninja-GX, Mewtwo-GX, and Pikachu.

The Pikachu Case File includes a metallic coin, and the other three all include oversized Pokemon Cards. Practical? No, but very cool as a collectible or decoration. The Greninja-GX Case File comes with a Greninja pin, as well, and all four come with playable promo cards unobtainable in the booster packs. The attention to detail on the packaging is especially cute. If you know Detective Pikachu, you know he’s obsessed with coffee, and there’s a coffee ring on the inside each of them.

Check out these neat Case Files, TCG booster packs, and giant Pokemon Cards in the slideshow below.

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Casey is an avid Pokemon fan and plays everything from the video games to a Pokemon tabletop RPG. Catch her on Twitter @ShinyCaseyD. 

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