Premier League Will Use FIFA Crowd Noise For Empty-Arena Games

FIFA games may start to feel more realistic for fans of the English Premier League, as Sky Sports is working with EA Sports to develop chants and crowd noises to simulate a live audience for people at home. Originally reported by The Verge, the goal is to recreate the energy of a live crowd as matches are played in empty stadiums due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sky Sports viewers will be able to choose to watch with or without the added noise. Crowd noise and simulated chants are being designed for specific teams. Sky is also working on other ways to change how people watch sports at home, like allowing fans to watch matches in a video room with friends on its website and app.

“With live sport on hold for over two months, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we broadcast in new ways to bring fans together, even if they can’t meet up to watch the match,” Rob Webster, Sky Sports managing director, said in a press release. “We want Sky Sports viewers to still feel it all and have the best possible viewing experience–even if they can’t be in the stadiums or watch with their family and friends.”

Matches are currently scheduled to resume on June 17. EA, along with other game companies, donated money to Black Lives Matter and related causes.

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