Pokemon Sword & Shield Gigantamax Guide: How To Catch Gigantamax Pokemon

One of the big new features in Pokemon Sword and Shield is Dynamaxing, which increases a Pokemon’s size and powers up its stats for three turns during battles. While any Pokemon can Dynamax, only a few species are capable of Gigantamaxing, which not only supersizes a Pokemon, but changes its appearance as well.

Even among the Pokemon species that can Gigantamax, only special individuals are actually capable of taking on these forms. For instance, only certain Butterfree you catch through Max Raid battles can Gigantamax; those you capture normally will only be able to Dynamax. You can also get a couple of Gigantamax Pokemon for free; if you have save data from Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee on your Switch, you can get a Gigantamax Pikachu or Eevee at the Wild Area Station, and everyone who picks up Sword or Shield by January 15 can get a free Gigantamax Meowth.

The Pokemon Company revealed a handful of Gigantamax forms ahead of Sword and Shield’s launch, but there are many more in the games beyond that. If you want to see all the Pokemon that have Gigantamax forms in Sword and Shield, we’ve rounded up the full list of Gigantamax-capable monsters below.

Pokemon That Have Gigantamax Forms

  • Pikachu (free gift for playing Let’s Go Pikachu)
  • Eevee (free gift for playing Let’s Go Eevee)
  • Meowth (free early purchase gift)
  • Charizard
  • Butterfree
  • Machamp
  • Gengar
  • Kingler
  • Lapras
  • Snorlax
  • Garbodor
  • Corviknight
  • Orbeetle
  • Drednaw
  • Coalossal
  • Flapple/Appletun
  • Sandaconda
  • Centiskorch
  • Hatterene
  • Grimmsnarl
  • Alcremie
  • Copperajah
  • Duraludon

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How To Get Gigantamax Pokemon

As previously mentioned, just because a species of Pokemon has a Gigantamax form doesn’t mean that every Pokemon of that species is actually capable of Gigantamaxing. Presently, the only way to obtain a Gigantamax Pokemon in Sword and Shield is to encounter it in Max Raid battles. You can fairly easily tell if a Raid features a Gigantamax Pokemon by its silhouette when you interact with a raid den; if the silhouette looks different than the Pokemon’s typical sprite, then you’ll be battling its Gigantamax form.

If you manage to defeat the Gigantamax Pokemon in battle, then you’ll have an opportunity to capture it. Unfortunately, you aren’t guaranteed to catch the Pokemon, and if it pops out of the Poke Ball you threw, it’ll run away and you’ll need to wait for it to appear in another Max Raid. It also appears you can’t pass down the ability to Gigantamax through breeding. On the bright side, however, most Pokemon you encounter through raids have at least a couple of perfect IVs, and you now have a means of changing their natures thanks to new Mint items, so it’s possible to make them viable for competitive battling.

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