Pokémon fans are sick of trolls bringing Magikarp to raids

Picture this: You’re queuing up for one of the toughest types of battles in Pokémon Sword and Shield. You take time and care in picking a monster with a high enough level, move set, and type advantage. You get into the raid, ready to take on whatever big baddy the game throws at you.

And then you notice that one of your teammates has brought a Magikarp to the arena. You know — the “useless” water type that just flops around everywhere? That guy.

Hilariously, this seems to be happening to nearly everyone playing Pokémon Sword and Shield based on social media posts, especially for folks playing offline. Magikarp appears to be a favored pick for NPC combatants entering raids. The good news is that Magikarp don’t just use Splash over and over again to no avail: Instead, Magikarp tend to know the move Hydro Pump, which is both powerful and unexpected. Not that this ends up making a huge difference, sometimes.

The best part about all of this? The NPC who brings Magikarp into raids tends to be a young schoolgirl. So basically, everyone is kind of raging because of a little girl who maybe doesn’t know any better.

You’d think things would be better if you connect online and do raids with other real players, but it seems that some trolls are intentionally bringing useless monsters into multiplayer, too. Reports indicate that one favored tactic involves bringing Magikarp with a Focus Sash into raids, which ensures that it can’t die in a single hit. It can’t, however, guarantee that the Magikarp will do something meaningful during battle.

Poor Magikarp is just trying to do his part, guys.

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