Playable Link coming in Super Mario Maker 2 update

The Legend of Zelda’s Link is coming to Super Mario Maker 2. Nintendo posted a trailer today, which showcases the exciting update — the Master Sword is coming, and it’ll let players transform Mario into an 8-bit Super Mario Bros. styled Link in Super Mario Maker 2.

There are clear benefits to becoming Link. He has a lot of abilities that Mario doesn’t, like a bow that shoots arrows in three directions, the sword dash, his shield, bombs, and, of course, the Master Sword itself, which can poke stuff. Nintendo showed off all the ways Link can add challenge to Super Mario Maker 2 courses, including a level that’s built specifically around the character himself — a four-player Link adventure.

More new features are coming in the Dec. 5 update, too, like the Ninji Speedrun mode where players can play timed challenge courses made by Nintendo. As you’re playing, you’ll see other players’ Ninji ghosts running alongside you. Nintendo said Ninji ghosts will be chosen from folks at a similar performance level, so you won’t have to worry about getting smoked each round.


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Speedrun events will run weekly, “with new courses distributed periodically,” Nintendo said in a news release.

Alongside Ninji Speedruns, Nintendo is adding a bunch of course parts, too: the Dash Block, which gives Mario a speed boost; Frozen Coins, which need to be melted for access; P Block, which turns invisible P Blocks into platforms or vice versa; Spike, an enemy that tosses spike balls (or snowballs, if you’re in a winter world); and Pokey, the stacked cactus character (you can even change his height).

Super Mario Maker 2’s Dec. 5 update will be free for all players.

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