Perfect game lets you raise dogs and date cuties

Sometimes, the stars align and produce something that is Extremely My Shit. Best Friend Forever is a dating and dog raising sim where you raise a furry friend while pursuing love interests, “though not necessarily at the same time,” the official game page warns. (Note that it’s hosted on a .dog URL — amazing.)

As someone who used to be obsessed with Nintendogs and also likes cuties, it’s definitely up my alley. It helps that Best Friend Forever has a very good trailer that highlights the game’s sense of humor.

And before you ask — yes, you can pet the dog. “You are obligated to,” the trailer says. Dogs have stats, such as manners and smarts, which you’ll have to manage. The folks you date also come with their own pals, so you’re probably going to see your furever friends interact with each other. There’s even an endless sandbox mode where you can just have fun with your dog, if that’s what you’re into.

Best Friend Forever is slated to release for Steam,, and Nintendo Switch on Valentine’s Day 2020.

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