Nintendo Switch's Free NES Games For July And New "Rewind" Feature Now Available

July’s free NES games are now available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. This month sees two more titles join the system’s slowly expanding NES library, along with a special version of a previously added game and a handy new feature.

The new additions this time are Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew. Nintendo has also added a special save state of Mighty Bomb Jack, which joined the service back in November 2018. This version starts you off in the final zone, with the conditions to see the best of the game’s four possible endings already met.

On top of the new titles, Nintendo has added a “rewind” feature to the NES library. As the tweet above demonstrates, this can be activated by holding the ZL and ZR buttons, and it allows you to go back a few seconds and try again if you mess up. The rewind feature can be used with every NES game in the library, and it should prove to be useful for some of the service’s more difficult titles like Ghost ‘n Goblins or Ninja Gaiden.

The NES library is only available to those who subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service. It features more than 40 classic games, including Super Mario Bros. 3 and Punch-Out, with additional titles being added on a monthly basis. Other perks for subscribing include the ability to play online with others, cloud save backups, and some exclusive offers, such as the Nintendo Switch voucher program and Tetris 99, which is free to download and play for subscribers.

Individual Nintendo Switch Onlien subscriptions run for US $4 / £3.49 / AU $6 for one month, US $8 / £7 / AU $12 for three months, and US $20 / £18 / AU $30 for one year. Nintendo also offers an annual Family Membership, which runs for US $35 / £31.49 / AU $55 and covers up to eight Nintendo Accounts across multiple systems.

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