New Super Mario Maker 2 details revealed through poster

New details about Super Mario Maker 2 have been revealed from a new poster going up in Japanese electronics stores and spotted by users on Twitter. The poster appears to confirm previously unannounced gameplay details coming in the Nintendo Switch sequel, including Meowser and Charvaarghs from Super Mario 3D World and a host of smaller details, like how the game presents a jungle-themed world in the 8-bit style of Super Mario Bros.

More importantly, it’s a peek at all the new ingredients and extra flavors that Nintendo is throwing into the pot for Super Mario Maker 2.

Back when Super Mario Maker 2 was revealed, Nintendo didn’t say much about it. Instead, the company left it to fans to pick apart the game’s announcement trailer for new details. Now, a half-dozen screenshots reveal a bit more.

Here’s a look at what’s new in Super Mario Maker 2:

In the above screenshots, we see what appears to be Mario floating through space — akin to swimming underwater — in a New Super Mario Bros.-themed stage. We also see a Super Mario Bros.-style jungle level, with a Wiggler and a Thwomp hanging out underwater. A Super Mario World-themed stage — set in the skies with clouds — shows multicolored pipes, rainbow-colored platforms, and Goombrats. A Super Mario 3D World-themed stage includes images of Meowser, a blue Piranha Plant, and Charvaarghs, the leaping lava enemies.

But wait, there’s (a little) more:

In the above, we get a peek at cranes carrying enemies and upside-down hanging Piranha Plants in a Super Mario Bros. 3-themed level, and the player editing the path of a Piranha Creeper in a 3D World level.

So, yes, lots of smaller incremental additions to Super Mario Maker, but significant ones for players looking to add more variety to their handmade levels.

Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 28.

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