New PS Now Games For September Include Resident Evil, Final Fantasy

Sony has announced the newest games coming to PS Now for September, and they’re led by two heavy hitters. We have four new games for the service–an increase over August’s three–and each of them is a relatively big name.

First, there’s Resident Evil 7, the first-person horror game that puts you in a terrifying house deep in the bayou. Widely considered one of the best games in the Resident Evil series, fans have been clamoring for a follow-up to 7 for years now, which is coming soon in the form of Resident Evil Village. It also includes PS VR support if you play it on PS4. It won’t be on the service for very long, so check it out if you’re looking for some horror thrills. Next, you have Final Fantasy XV, the “road trip with the boys” RPG that won many plaudits and fans. Plus, nothing quite beats racing around listening to Uematsu songs.

September’s slate is rounded out by Observation, a cinematic sci-fi thriller where you play as an AI trying desperately to fix the space station that they inhabit. There’s also WWE 2K19, the second-to-latest entry in the long-running wrestling series. It might be a touch older now, but it’s probably a better fit for most people than WWE 2K20, which was infamously broken on release. There won’t be a standard 2K WWE game this year, so this might be the closest you get for a while.

Sony’s PS Now service is the company’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, which will add 10 more games in September. It’s a subscription service that allows you to stream or download games, which also makes the games playable on PC. It comes in at $10 a month. PS Now should not be confused with PS Plus, a monthly subscription that allows players to utilize online multiplayer, which also comes with several free games per month.

New PS Now Games For September

  • Resident Evil 7, available until November 30, 2020
  • Final Fantasy V, available until March 1, 2021
  • WWE 2K19, no departure date announced
  • Observation, no departure date announced

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