NBA 2K21 MyTeam Changes Revealed, Including New Seasonal Content And Rewards

Following a deep dive into NBA 2K21’s gameplay tweaks last week, 2K Sports has dropped new details about the changes coming to the card-collecting MyTeam mode. Seasons, which aren’t all that different from the ones we see in popular multiplayer shooters, will be introduced in this year’s iteration alongside new ways to acquire and modify cards. Check out all of the changes below. And if you’re looking forward to NBA 2K21, you can download a free demo starting today on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch ahead of its September 4 launch.

Seasons will be free

MyTeam’s new Seasons feature will be free for everyone, so you don’t need a paid pass to reap the rewards. 2K says seasons will last about six weeks, with daily, weekly, and entire season objectives in place to work towards, which will further incentivize keeping up with your MyTeam. Season 1’s ultimate reward will be a Pink Diamond Steph Curry.

Within MyTeam, Triple Threat will be updated throughout each season to dole out rewards. New vault prizes will be available, including one Diamond card that will ask you to earn 300 wins–a lofty task. This time around, MyTeam will look to reward those who stick with Triple Threat throughout the year by keeping the rewards coming with each passing Season.

Evolution cards come with more choices

To give the player more choice over how they construct their team to fit their style, Evolution cards have a branching feature that alters stats based on your chosen path. Additionally, 2K Sports has confirmed that badges are making a return in 2K21 after not appearing in 2K20. Badge cards span across Bronze, Silver, Gold, and even Hall of Fame varieties–though 2K says Hall of Fame badges are difficult to come by.

Next-gen versions of 2K21 for PS5 and Xbox Series X will have unique badges as well, giving players something to look forward to as they upgrade.

MyTeam progress transfers from current to next-gen

MyTeam progress will transfer to next-gen, provided you’re jumping from Xbox One to Series X or PS4 to PS5. Your card collection as well as Virtual Currency progress will move to next-gen versions, so you don’t have to worry about starting over later this year.

New weekend game mode dubbed MyTeam Limited

Joining MyTeam Unlimited is a new Limited game mode available from Friday to Sunday each week. In MyTeam Limited, you’ll play in 5v5 matches against other players, with the end goal of chasing Championship Rings. Every week, 2K Sports will add a new Championship Ring to MyTeam Limited, which you can earn by winning a match. From there, you can choose to keep the prize or trade it for a mystery reward.

MyTeam Limited ties into Seasons as well. Before a new season starts up, you can exchange the rings you have accumulated for a prize–the more rings you collect, the better the prize you’ll get.

MyTeam Unlimited has also received a makeover, making it a deeper and more feature-rich mode to test your skills against real opponents. MyTeam Unlimited has nine differentiated leagues, each of which features up to 12 games (if you keep winning). Each league has different requirements to progress, with the first only requiring three wins. If you make it to the final league, you’ll have to win every game in order to win an exclusive Galaxy Opal prize. MyTeam Unlimited progress will reset–along with the rewards–at the end of each season.

Swap cards at The Exchange

The Exchange is a brand-new feature in MyTeam that allows you to swap cards you no longer want for new cards. Trading has conditions attached to it, with requirements for how high a card must be rated to turn it in. It sounds like what you receive in return will be unknown to you when you press the button, but 2K Sports promises that some great (and exclusive) cards will be found in The Exchange.

Meet the Idols Series Collection

Replacing the Prime series as the most sought-after card collection in MyTeam, the Idol Series Collection will feature some of the best and rarest cards in the game. 15 cards make up the collection, including both current stars and NBA legends. The cards are divided into three sets of five, and if you collect a full set, you’ll earn a unique reward. Obtaining the first five cards will net you a Galaxy Opal card.

Flip over cards, win rewards

MyTeam is getting a new rewards mini-game dubbed Ascension. Essentially, throughout your MyTeam journey, you can flip over cards on the rewards board, which is split into three tiers with one prize each. As you flip cards, you’re hoping to find Ascension cards, which bump you up closer to the top. Manage to find the best prize on the top tier and you’ll get a valuable card. You only get a finite number of chances to successfully find the cards you need to keep going on each run. 2K promises that the best reward will change with each new season.

Pre-order bonuses could yield rare cards

Anyone who pre-orders the standard edition of NBA 2K21 will receive 10 promo packs to open when you start MyTeam. Each pack comes with one NBA player, but you will also have the chance to pull rare cards right out of the gate.

For more on bonuses, editions, and the next-gen upgrade, make sure to check out our NBA 2K21 pre-order guide.

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