Mortal Kombat 11's Joker Sure Seems To Be Hinting At Injustice 3

NetherRealm hasn’t announced its followup project to Mortal Kombat 11, but one piece of dialogue certainly seems to be a cheeky hint at Injustice 3. And fittingly enough, it’s delivered by the Joker, a DLC addition to MK11 who’s a mainstay in the DC Comics fighting series.

In a tweet, Mortal Kombat producer Ed Boon showed a snippet of dialogue from a Joker vs Joker mirror match. One of the Jokers scoffs, “Only two of us? That’s an injustice!” To which the other replies, “What we could do with a third!”

Boon’s tweet explicitly says this isn’t hinting at Injustice and the reference is a coincidence, but paired with the video that reads like a sly wink. Boon is known for having a history of teases and Easter eggs. As some comics fans have pointed out, this could also be a reference to a comics storyline affectionately called the Three Jokers arc. At the very least, though, the MK writers seemed to be having a little fun toying with fan expectations.

Joker is the second-to-last character included in the DLC Kombat Pack and will release on January 28. The last remaining character will be another dark comics character, Spawn. After that, the time will be about right for NetherRealm to announce whatever is coming next–Injustice or otherwise.

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